Making pottery statues

While most people think of pots when they think of pottery, clay can be used to make clay statues too. Clay is easy to use when you want to make sculptures because it is easy to mold and it can be crafted into any kind of a shape that you want.

Think of the kind of statue that you want to make and sketch it if you can. If you cannot think of what you want to make, it might be a good idea to look through some magazines. Knead the clay in order to remove all the bubbles in the clay. Make the clay into an oval form. Use your hands to form the specific outer details of the statue. The head is the most important part of the statue and therefore should be sculpted with care. Dip your fingers in water to ensure that the clay is more pliable when you are sculpturing it.

You will need to use a needle to sculpture the hair and the eyes and nose. The surfaces can be smoothened with the use of a wet sponge. Keep some clay handy so that you can design the base of the statue. You will need to make the base so that the statue can stand. It is also essential that you smoothen out all parts of the statue before you leave it for drying. This is supposed to be done to remove the fingerprints and any uneven things that may have been left behind.



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