Pottery Tools and Supplies

The pottery tools that you will need for this hobby depend on the specific kind of pottery that you want to do. If you are sculpting by hand and are mainly interested in creating sculptures there are certain kinds of tools that you may need that are different from those that are required for those who want to create beautiful pots.

The process of making these items out of pottery are also different and therefore when you start off with this hobby you need to know the one thing that you will start with. Needless to say in either case you will need some clay. But here again the material that you use will define the tools that are essential for you to start working. While the potter's wheel and the clay is considered to be the basic minimum there are various other tools that you can use as well.

What are brushes used in pottery for?

While you may not associate brushes with pottery and may start thinking of painting, there are various things that you can accomplish with a pottery brush. Brushes can be used in construction, glazing, overglazing and to add slurry to joints in order to make them stronger. The brushes that are used in pottery especially for construction should be made from sumi or bamboo. This kind of brush is u...


Pottery needles

Pottery needles are great to work with and there are many uses of the same that you will be able to discover as you move along. You can use a pottery needle to measure the exact thickness of the clay that you are working with. You can hold the needle steadily and push the needle across the clay to then measure the side of the thickness. This hole that is created due to the needle can be closed e...


Potter's wheel

This is the first visual that comes in your mind when you think of pottery. The fact is that while not all pottery consists of methods that require working with the potter's wheel it is the most common image that crops up in the mind. While the potter's wheel was manipulated by hand earlier, these days there are motorized pottery wheels that run continuously and that too at a steady pace...


Types of pottery sponges

Sponges are a key requirement for anyone who is trying to learn pottery. Not only are they great for cleaning out the mess, they are also extremely effective in making smooth surfaces on sculptures or pots. The two main types of sponges are natural sponges and synthetic ones. Manmade cellulose sponges are tough and they last long. They are also good enough to carry a large amount of water. While...


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