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Making pottery can be extremely gratifying and when the piece of clay turns into something that is an object, it can make you feel like a creator. The earthiness of the hobby also helps in taking you closer to the earth so that you feel much more natural and free. The one thing that you do need to remember is that when you plan to take up pottery as a hobby, you also need to ensure that you have a substantial place where you can set up shop. This is not something that you can do while sitting in your living room.

The most basic of all equipment that you can use for pottery is the potter's wheel. While potters used to rotate the wheel mechanically, you can use a mechanical device to keep it moving. You also need to have some place that you can use to treat the clay pottery and then embellishments or paintings is probably the last thing that you also need to have space for.

How to make homemade clay

You may not know this but pottery clay can be made using household items if only you are aware of how to do it. This may not be the clay that you want to use when you start doing some serious and professional pottery but it is definitely a great thing to start with. It is also a great thing to keep children busy at all times. You will need a saucepan, flour or cornstarch, cold water, oil, salt,...


Making pottery statues

While most people think of pots when they think of pottery, clay can be used to make clay statues too. Clay is easy to use when you want to make sculptures because it is easy to mold and it can be crafted into any kind of a shape that you want. Think of the kind of statue that you want to make and sketch it if you can. If you cannot think of what you want to make, it might be a good idea to look...


How to make containers with slabs

Pottery can also be made without the use of a potter's wheel. You can do this by putting together pieces of slabs. This is something that requires time and patience and should not be done in a hurry. You will need a smooth surface to start creating slabs. It is a good idea to place an old cloth or newspaper in order to make cleaning up better. Spread the clay and pat it down. Start rolling y...


Making pottery out of self-hardening clay

If you are looking at starting pottery and do not know how to set up a kiln in the space that you have you can opt for using self-hardening clay. Self-hardening clay can be used on the regular potter's wheel and you can use the same tools that you use on regular clay. You can buy self-hardening clay from the store or you can prepare one at home too. The one that you create at home will take...


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