What are brushes used in pottery for?

While you may not associate brushes with pottery and may start thinking of painting, there are various things that you can accomplish with a pottery brush. Brushes can be used in construction, glazing, overglazing and to add slurry to joints in order to make them stronger. The brushes that are used in pottery especially for construction should be made from sumi or bamboo. This kind of brush is u...


What are the basic methods of shaping pottery?

If you know something about pottery then you would obviously know that there are two basic types of methods that you can use for shaping pottery. These are hand building and wheel throwing. This means that either you can use your hands to pinch the clay into the shape that you want or use a potter's wheel to create shapes. However, there are also specific methods under these two brad heads t...


How can you make pottery handles?

While you may start off with making pots that do not have handles, there will come a time when you will want to graduate to creating cups or containers that can be handled easily. For this you will need to learn how to create handles. One of the easiest ways in which you can make handles for cups, teapots and the like is to cut off a handle from a slab. The other way is to roll out a coil in the...


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