What are brushes used in pottery for?

While you may not associate brushes with pottery and may start thinking of painting, there are various things that you can accomplish with a pottery brush. Brushes can be used in construction, glazing, overglazing and to add slurry to joints in order to make them stronger. The brushes that are used in pottery especially for construction should be made from sumi or bamboo. This kind of brush is used because it can hold a large amount of slurry or slip. Despite the amount of stuff that they hold, these brushes can still allow you to make fine strokes in order to achieve what you have to. They are great for joining pieces of clay using the slip method.

Brushes are also used in pottery for decorations. However these brushes should be made from synthetic sable since they have high levels of spring and good durability. You should start by getting a round brush of number 12, a flat one of the same number and a number 4 liner.

Brushes are also used for other kinds of work in pottery when you want to do rough work. For this kind of work it is recommended that you use cheaper bushes that you shall be able to find in discount stores because some of the things that you are likely to do with these brushes are likely to spoil them pretty quickly. These can be used to apply kiln wash before glazing. Foam rubber brushes can be used for applying wax resists too.



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